It’s been a life long goal of mine to hear a brilliant Brit tell me how brilliant I am. I had a big problem to solve first though. I had to meet a brilliant Brit. This would take grit.

I started my search many years ago by traveling to distant lands hoping for a diverse culture that would land me among a traveler from the UK. But I gave up after several trips to Omaha and Fargo. No luck there for some reason. Next, I started going to local Irish pubs. That didn’t work either. Turns out Brits aren’t Irish. And even if they were, they’re not exactly frequenting Shenanigans in the Empire Mall.

I’ve worked really hard trying to find this mystery person. So hard that my hard work finally paid off. Well, actually it was Jolene’s hard work and the fact that she knows this really smart guy in Kansas City who works with these super smart dudes in the UK. And after a pontoon ride in Missouri (a long, fun story I could tell you over a beer in an Irish pub) Mud Mile got the opportunity to work with the founders of Strengthscope, which started in London.

We partnered up with ADwërks and Giant Leap Design to create a summertime postcard featuring PJ, a brilliant guy originally created for a series of videos for the Strengthscope licensee in the U.S. The reward? The UK team says the postcard is brilliant! And I have to agree because a brilliant Brit said so. And whenever they talk, it sure sounds like the truth. And even though I personally had next to nothing to do with this project, I’m telling myself I did just enough to cross this most difficult goal off my list!

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