Hackers Extraordinaire

If you haven’t noticed yet, our line of work allows us to do some pretty cool things with some pretty cool people.

Some of these pretty cool people came into our world through the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, and a few days ago, they invited us to Atlanta for a pretty cool project – their first Hackathon. Our job? Publish real-time video updates about the day so the 5,000+ scholars around the world who couldn’t come to Atlanta were still able to feel like they were part of the fun.

So, normally, video producers aren’t keen on publishing videos that we put together so quickly. We’re artists, and these videos are our masterpieces. But, you know Mud Mile – we live for a good challenge.

We crushed it and shared three – count it, THREE – videos throughout the day with 5,000+ of the top leaders in various industries (no pressure).

We’re ecstatic with how each turned out and the story we were able to share. And now that we’ve had a taste of the adrenaline that comes with real-time video producing, we want to do more. So, call us – let’s have some fun with this!

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