Good News Travels Fast - And Far!

We LOVE getting to share stories like this one.

Yesterday, our friends at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls, South Dakota received the prestigious National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award for their Action Arts and Science program.

Program director Rose Ann Hofland and 17-year-old Chofian Abokbar, a student who grew up in Action Arts and Science and is now a student volunteer, attended the ceremony at The White House, were First Lady Michelle Obama presented the chosen organizations with the award. In her address, she even gave Chofian and the things Action Arts and Science has done in her life a shout out. (You can read the whole thing here).

If you’ve never heard of Action Arts and Science, it’s because they’re among the strong, silent heroes working with kids across Sioux Falls. The program works with more than 500 students at 20 different locations each week to bring high-quality art and science experiences to kids with limited access to extracurricular activities.

We could go on and on about the incredible work this group does in Sioux Falls, but we think the video we produced with ADwërks to help them share the good news speaks for itself.

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