Getting Degrees in 360 Degrees

Ah... Spring. We love 180 the weather makes this time of year, bringing with it the smells of lilacs, morning dew and freshly steamed graduation gowns. And our Mudders get the honor of well-wishing another outstanding class of Augustana seniors, many of whom we've gotten to know very well, and welcoming them to real world. Whatever that is!

But this year, we took getting a degree to 360 degrees. After changing names from Augustana College last fall, this was the first official graduating class from Augustana University. And the super smart folks in the Augie marketing department always want to innovate and make the day special. So we worked up a plan with them to capture commencement in new ways this year.

And we stitched up this 360 video showing the 319 undergraduates receive their diplomas. It's the first of it's kind done for a university in South Dakota! You can pivot the video around to see anything and everything! If you're watching on your phone, just tilt and spin yourself, and it will feel like you're standing right there! We put the cameras right up by President Oliver so every undergrad can relive the moment. In addition to our 360 cameras, we roamed the Arena with four other cameras capturing commencement. Sarah Kocher's incredible address shared the story of the day (and made us ask some questions... watch the video to learn why you should ask why, and who, and what and so much more!).

Congrats to the Augustana University Class of 2016. And after you take a spin watching yourself on the 360 video, take time to smell the lilacs!

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